Hello everyone.

I made the decision to take down my so-called "website", since I have not updated it in well over a year.

There's no point in keeping it up, since all of the info on it is completely outdated anyway.

I doubt that I'll be doing anything with this domain in the foreseeable future.

Anyway, some criminal hacker guy tried to hack me, lying to me, saying that he had all of my private info, and threatening to release this so-called "info" to all of my friends and co-workers if I did not give him $5,000 U.S in BitCoins.

Well apparently this so-called hacker did not realize a few things:

1. I have zero friends. I live a solitary lifestyle. The few co-workers that I deal with, have no time for the obvious lies from hacker criminals.

2. I don't live in a country that uses BitCoins and I have no interest in Ponzi Scheme money used by criminals (cryptocurrency).

3. I'm simply a part-time worker, and as such, I don't have money to spare - especially for criminals. This criminal leaves all the rich people alone and decides to harass someone whose living paycheck to paycheck? Really smart, huh.

4. I simply have no time for the drama that other people create - especially people that engage in criminal activities (like extortion for example.)

5. All criminals engage in lies and deceit - and I shun those people. If he wanted to engage with me, his approach was totally wrong from the very beginning, with his threatening letter. Sorry, but I don't allow those types of people into my life.

So to those hackers and other criminals out there, all I have to say to you is this.

Please do something CONSTRUCTIVE with your life and stop being a burden to society.

It's amazing the low depths that humans will sink to - for the sin of avarice and greed.

These types of people (who have a criminal and greedy mentality) are simply not worth my time and cannot be saved.

Anyway, I've got work to prepare for, and an honest day's work to perform.